About us


Actions for Climate Transformation with Nature Observation and Wellbeing in Kenya Community Based Organization (ACTNOW KENYA COMMUNITY BASED ORGANIZATION) is a Youth-led grassroots organization that strives to ensure a just transition and coexistence between indigenous communities and their natural ecosystems in the ever changing climatic conditions. Founded in 2022, ACTNOW brings together 9 young professional graduates with a single mission; To address climate change and champion environmental conservation in their communities and within major towns in Laikipia County, Northern Kenya. Our passion is about helping marginalized communities adapt to climate change and use existing Local Ecological Knowledge to solve biodiversity loss that perpetuate inequities, poverty, livelihood loss and prevent indigenous communities from having access to opportunities they need to thrive healthily through knowledge sharing and advocacy programs.


We exist to build a better world by strengthening the resilience of indigenous communities, underserved groups such as youth, children and young women, and natural ecosystems to coexist harmoniously through linking and learning programs, advocacy campaigns, influencing just policy frameworks, tree planting and channeling Indigenous Knowledge towards long lasting and scalable Nature Based Solutions in the face of climate challenges and environmental injustice.


We envision a society that fosters harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature where every individual, community, and nation embraces sustainable practices, cherishes biodiversity, and champions the preservation of our precious ecosystems, clean air, safe water, and flourishing landscapes to ensure a vibrant and resilient Earth for all.

Educate. Conserve. Transform.

Our Work

We take pride in seeing our most disadvantaged communities, youth, women, underserved children tapping into emerging opportunities and become resilient to the challenges posed by climate change.

We deliver change in the following areas: -

  • Climate and Environmental Education;
  • Biodiversity Restoration;
  • Waste Management;
  • Clean Water and Sanitation;
  • Nature Based Solutions (NBS);
  • Sustainable Agriculture;
  • Young People;
  • Peace Building;
  • Indigenous People.

Our Team

Board Members