Our Focus

We take pride in seeing our most marginalized communities, youth, women, underserved children tapping into emerging opportunities and become resilient to the challenges posed by climate change. We deliver change in the following areas: -


“Educate, Conserve, Transform"

To ensure the realization of our core objectives and long term goals, our organization's is guided by the following principles;

o   Educating the public

We understand the information gaps in local conservation and climate change adaptation and strong believe in the capacity of education and awareness generation to communities to adjust sustainably to growing global issues such as environmental degradation, climate change, inequalities, poverty and social inclusion.

o   Conserving Natural Resources

Growing concerns in species extinction provides urgent call to action for conservation. Educating communities on sustainable practices provides an effective channel for long lasting restoration of degraded ecosystems, just benefit sharing, recognition of Indigenous Rights, empowerment of local governance, sustainable resource use, cultural preservation and climate change resilience

o   Driving Transformative Change

Empowered communities, respect and preservation of indigenous cultures, recovery & protection of natural ecosystems will result in longstanding social, economic, and environmental impacts, health and well-being of wildlife and bird diversity, gender inclusive conservation programs, combined land rights and resource management, access to climate justice and peaceful resources sharing among different communities.